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Veterans/First Responders

Thanks to generous grant funding, charitable donations, and fundraising, Reining Warriors programs are offered at no cost to active duty service personnel, any veteran or first responder, and their dependents.  

Reining Warriors programs are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of the client.  Our goal is to use the horse’s power to ease participants’ transition to civilian life and assume roles within the community.

Horses don’t judge; they heal by mirroring our emotions. By working with horses, the participant can more easily recognize their actions and emotions contributing to their behavioral patterns. This self-paced program doesn’t put expectations on the participant’s journey. 

We encourage all program participants to become a part of our Reining Warriors family, where they are always welcome for horsemanship and fellowship. 

Benefits of our programs:

-Improve self-awareness

-Effective communication skills

-Healthier relationships

-Greater self-confidence

Pony Tales

K-12th grade  “ Not all classrooms have walls.” 

A tutoring program that Provides a Great resource combining Equine Assisted Learning with evidence-based reading strategies that engage the mind, body, and emotions in learning. Horses become teaching and learning partners as students experience learning in a whole new way. Students experience fun-filled lessons by interacting with ponies and horses. While learning, they are completing on-the-ground activities to:

Strengthen reading skills

Build teamwork and communication skills

Create new patterns of learning in a supportive environment

Build confidence and self-esteem

Pony Tales is a fun and relaxed way to build confidence in reading skills and is open to students of all ages! Individual and small group sessions are available. 

For further information: https://www.horsepoweredreading.com

Limited Scholarships Available

Horsemanship/Riding Lessons

Four years old and up. 

Like our veteran/first responder programming, we like to set our students up with a solid foundation in basic horse care and horsemanship skills to gain confidence in handling and riding horses. Fees associated with this support the care of our program horses and facilities. 

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Special Programming

Horse Camp

Roping Clinics

Summer Bash

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